"Those who have experienced sorrow, best understand the meaning of joy" I find it hard to describe in words the way in which Trisha’s art affects me but the above describes for me the incredible healing power her paintings have. Her multilayers of colours and emotions come straight from the heart and touch my soul, taking me to a place of joy, peace and optimism. Trisha’s art is therapy for the soul.

Thank you Trisha, aroha nui

Emer (New Zealand)


I am the very proud owner of two original paintings by Trisha La Comber. Owning "Girls Night Out” and "Dix Chats Noirs” is a source of continuing inspiration and joy, not only for me but also for my family and friends. The painting "Girls Night Out” is cause for much laughter and discussion as it depicts exactly what may be assumed by the title! The ladies in question are, in my humble opinion ‘impressionist’ in form and colour and show Trisha’s creativity to perfection. My other painting by Trisha, "Dix Chats Noirs” is for cat lovers everywhere. These feline creatures show Trisha’s sense of fun and her love of these animals to perfection. It is all at once playful, calming and joyful. What a great talent it is to possess the ability to create such beautiful work, which by its ‘joie de vivre’ enhances the lives of others.

Mary (Midleton, Co. Cork)


I have been an admirer of Trisha La Comber’s art for many years. Trisha herself is a sensitive, creative, unique, talented and fun and all these traits are evident in her art. She also has a wonderful eye for colour. Looking at her paintings is a feast for the senses. Her work is inspired by various personal experiences and therefore it comes from the heart.

I am the proud owner of one of Trisha’s paintings and it is a wonderful addition to my home on many levels.

Kate (Cork )


I have recently discovered the artwork by Trisha La Comber at a local exhibition in Tramore, County Waterford and I was immediately captivated by the vibrant colors and energy that Trisha employs on her generous sized canvasses. Her paintings leap out at you from the wall and I particularly like the way she creates a kind of organic wall-paper effect by repeating the shapes and images to create a sort of free form pattern, the effect of whjich is to have a piece of art with no one central focal point but more of a gabric of colours and shapes that your eye must travel throughout.

Trisha’s art is uplifting, confident and unique and the joy she derives from the process is clearly evident.

We recently opened an up-scale restaurant in Tramore and we asked Trisha if she could provide us with some artwork for the interior. The paintings really completed the space and some of them are so ideal for the mood and setting that we have purchased them ourselves. Our guests are constantly commenting on the artwork and several people have enquired about purchasing them or having Trisha do commissioned pieces for their own homes.

Avery (Tramore, County Waterford)


I met Trisha La Comber in Carysfort College of Education in 1975 and was immediately struck by her artistic talent. I have admired her work throughout the years and I never cease to be in awe of her creativity. For me Trisha’s paintings have huge artistic merit. It was always my wish to invest in one of her pieces and fortunately I acquired one at her first exhibition in August 2014.

The aspect of Trisha’s work I admire the most is her original style. I also love the vibrant colours and what the paintings say to me. Trisha is dedicated to her practice as an artist and her creative energy is amazing. I always look forward to to seeing her new collection

Margaret Mc Cormack (M.A Theatre Studies—Littleton, Co. Tipperary)


I am the proud owner of three paintings by Trisha La Comber. When I attended Trisha’s exhibitions I was immediately drawn to the bold, dramatic colours of her paintings. Her trademark spirals focus our attention and draw us into the artist’s realm.

Trisha’s paintings describe her own life in a way that words could never do. In this her work is truly original. Her witness to the confused mind of her aged mother is, I believe, an invaluable contribution to the world of art.

Trisha’s creativity is borne out in her paintings. The onlooker can identify with the human face depicted on the canvas and can draw solace from the sheer depth of colour. We laugh with her, we reminisce with her and we dream with her. Trisha’s themes are universal

Trisha’s work has artistic and cultural merit. I look forward to future exhibitions when I can once again be enchanted by life.

Mary O’ Sullivan (Crookstown, Co. Cork)


I have a commissioned hand painted screen by Trisha La Comber in my shop Diamond Bridal on Maylor Street in Cork. The vibrant colours and attention to detail on this piece of art are exceptional. It sits perfectly in my boutique and is admired by clients on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Trisha as an artist.

Grace (Cork City)